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We are an outsourcing studio of 3D graphics from Mykolaiv in Ukraine. And we know exactly how to create the next gaming masterpiece.



Studio 801 is a community of passionate artists and managers. For 5 years we have built a unique system of work according to the “the right people in the right place” principle, which still helps us in our work with leading studios and large projects. As the outsourcing studio of 3D graphics, we provide not only quality content in a short time, but also support and friendship for each of our clients. Every day our studio creates different worlds, trying to give the user a unique experience. Every day we inspire and get inspired to create something new, something beautiful. Are you with us?

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About Us

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We know how to erase the line between real and virtual worlds. Just look at this!


It’s easy to be awesome when you’re in the right place.

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